Star Trek Kartičky















Adapt 3U069
Allies on the Inside 4R085
Alternate Identity 1R120
Amanda Rogers 1R121
Analyze 3S070
Arrest Order 1R122
Ascertain 7 R 036
Bank Heist 2U074
Brainwashing 4R086
Chance Observation 4C087
Change of Heart 6P033
Clandestine Agent 7 C 037
Clear Ultimatum 7 C 038
Cluttering Irrelevancies 7 U 039
Comfort Women 1U123
Condition Captive 1R124
Coordinated Attack 2C075
Cultist Attack 3C071
Dark Secrets 6P034
Delegated Assignment 7 R 040
Dimensional Shifting 1R125
Diplomatic Masquerade 2U076
Discreet Inquiry 2 U 077
Disinterested Visitant 8 R 049
Emergency Treatment 2C078
Empathic Touch 1R126
Escape 1R127
Evasive Maneuvers 1U128
Explicit Orders 5P019
Fitting In 5P020
Founder Trap 3R072
Fresh Tactic 2C079
He Speaks in Shale 8 U 050
Honorable Death 2U080
I Need A Little Counseling 6P035
If Wishes Were Horses 2R081
Indomitable 4U088
Impromptu Prison 7 C 041
Insult 3U073
Ja'chuq 2R082
Kevin Uxbridge 1R129
Knowledge and Experience 4R089
Lasting Peace 1C130
Lying in Wait 4U090
Means of Control 7 U 042
Mission Briefing 1S131
Natural Instincts 4U091
No Harm Done 6P036
One-Upsmanship 4U092
Operational Necessity 4U093
Our Death is Glory To the Founder 3R074
Outlining the Stakes 4R94
Parting Shot 3R075
Power to the Shields 1U132
Powerful Example 2R083
Precautionary Measures 2U084
Protection of the Tal Shiar 1U133
Pseudopod 3R076
Pursuit Course 1R134
Quantum Slipstream Drive 1C135
Reborn 4U095
Relentless 2R085
Render Assistance 1S136
Secret Conspiracy 1R137
Security Sweep 3U077
Sensor Sweep 1U138
Sermon 1R139
Shady Resources 1S140
Shared Delicacy 2U086
Shri-tal 6P037
Souls of the Dead 1C141
Strength for Our Struggle 6P038
Stricken Dumb 2U087
Swagger 7 C 043
Symbol of Devotion 1U142
Team of Ambassadors 2C088
Temporal Delineation 8 R 051
The First of Many 4C096
The Founder Is Wise 3C078
The Order of Things 4C097
The Promise 1S143
The Prophets' Guidance 2C089
The Rite of Emergence 4R98
The Tides of Fortune 1U144
The Truth of War 2C090
Ties of Blood and Water 1S145
Torture 1U146
Transwarp Conduit 6P039
Twist of Fate 1R147
Veiled Threat 7 U 044
Vile Deception 2R091
Vision of Violence 2C092
We Are Klingon 2U093
Well-Crafted Lure 2U094
We're Everywhere 3C079
You Could Be Invaluable 3U080